Kawaii Culture| Why the Japanese love all things CUTE

Japanese girls often use the expression “kawaii” and for them, kawaii is the compliment to make them happy.
Try to say “you are kawaii!” when you happen to see high school girls in Japan, and they will have a good impression on you. Japanese young women are so pleased to be called kawaii.

Outside Japan, kawaii is equivalent to cute, pretty, or lovely. But there would be no other country where people use so much of kawaii for someone or something in their conversation.

However, girls in Japan have a tendency to describe anything in kawaii.

In 1990s, kawaii became the ideal which girls peruse in consequence of the emergence of youth fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo, and girls’ comic as well as illustrators. Japanese girls prefer being called kawaii to being pretty, sexy, or glamourous.

In fact, Japanese girls, particularly teenagers, cry kawaii so many times a day in various scenes.

Kawaii culture has continued for about 100 years, always heading off in a new direction.


Nowadays, kawaii has combined with its opposite meaning word to become a novel slang such as erokawaii (shortened form of erotic and kawaii), or kimokawaii (kimoi, means disgusting, and kawaii) and gurokawaii (guroi, means grotesque, and kawaii). Although those slangs are used with a touch of irony, Japanese girls still use them as a compliment.

Kawaii-lovers are now spread around the world.

The image of Japanese women from overseas is often cute.
Japanese woman look “kawaii” when they are seen by people in other countries.

In this connection, a European man who took an interview said that women in his country usually have large frame and big breasts but Japanese women are cute as they have small physique and breasts.

Among women in Japan, some have a complex about being small, but that factor appears to be attractive for westerners .

And now, is it true that there are many kawaii girls are in Japan, especially in Tokyo?
This seems to be a hot topic among foreign people.
Yes, it is true to some extent because there are lots of fashionable girls in Tokyo, looking cuter than others.

Japanese kawaii girls photo collection!

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