Geta! Japanese traditional (stylish!) shoes

Geta are traditional wooden shoes.


Three holes are drilled into a wooden slab, and laces (oh) are drawn through those holes to provide support.

They are Japanese shoes since Muromachi period (A.C.1450~). They are many variations, but largely separated into those that ride on heels (a pair of narrow platforms that look like short stilts), and those that do not.

How do you fit the shoes? There is shoelace between your thumb and forefinger. (The name of historical details is guessed since Muromachi period, Geta as Chinese characters means human walk the ground with shoes. In Japan, we called Ashida, have grown the rice with the effort of human. Geta have made by woods, if you walk with it and it sound at atmosphere of Onsen and Matsuri.


However, The fixed place requires no sounds by Geta. Accordingly, the shoes have two rapports with  a protecting rubber, the shop sales it.

The rubber is protect for the road.

We have “geta” like these!

If you would like to get ones…

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