Demae: You think Domino’s invented deliveries? Japan’s meal delivery culture started hundreds of years ago!

Demae are what the Japanese call a restaurant’s meal delivery service. Prepared dishes are delivered to the clients’ homes.

This is a popular service used often in Japan.

The culture of home delivery started in the Edo era.

There are some restaurants that do not have a seating area, ie. delivery-only restaurants.

During weddings and funerals, bentos, catered Japanese food, or sushi is delivered to the event and is referred to as “Shidashi.”

The difference in the terms is that demae is ordered when a meal needs to be brought in a hurry, while shidashi is usually pre-arranged days or weeks in advance.

There is the system of the catering in the similar service, too.
The catering cooks it using a prepared kitchen and soup-kitchen on the site.

“Home delivery of cooked foods” and “Shidashi” are different services.
However, it cannot be said that it is distinguished definitely in Japan.


The shop accepting home delivery orders in Japan is …

  • Soba Noodle shop
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Pizzeria
  • Sushi bar
  • Cafe
  • Western food restaurant
  • Japanese restaurant
  • Curry shop
  • Burgery
  • Lunch provider
  • Family restaurant

Delicious catering service of Japan

●About a difference of “home delivery of cooked foods” and “the delivery to home”

The delivery to home is often confused with home delivery of cooked foods.
It is originally home delivery of cooked foods to send a dish to eat in a shop to a visitor.

And service to deliver a dish in each home is delivery to home.
I do not often eat this in a shop.

For example.
The owner of a noodle shop delivers it.
The pizza is delivered to.

I want to ask for delicious home delivery of cooked foods in Tokyo!↓↓↓
Napori no kama
It is recommended for a person wanting you to send real Naples pizza.
There are a lot of sushi menus for a party and the celebration.

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