Loose Socks | Baggy socks are fashionable in Japan!

Walking on the street in Japan, you would sometimes see girls in their school uniform. And when you see their legs, they are sometimes wearing some loosened socks!

These are called “Loose Socks” and usually favored by schoolgirls. Once they were so much in fashion among flamboyant high school girls called “co-gal”. And the boom seemed to have disappeared once. But recently the loose socks have become popular again with other way of putting on. Now we often see them worn with crocs. They became more casual than before.

Loose socks came from the “Boot Socks” for climbing a mountain. They were exported from the US and so on. Then loose socks spreaded among Japanese schoolgirls for wearing with uniforms. Now you can get them at stores in Japan.
The difference of loose (or loosened) socks from ordinary socks is that the width is larger to make slack aound the leg. Loose socks tend to get stuffy so you should be careful to keep them clean. Some schools prohibit loose socks as they make you look untidy.

But loose socks have some good points. For example, they make your ankles look thicker and in contrast thighs thinner and as a result they make you look having a good figure. Therefore loose socks are popular among schoolgirls. And loose socks can be seen comparatively well even in the darkness, so they may prevent you from traffic accidents. And they will also keep you warm in the cold winter.

Long long loose socks↓

If you want some loose socks.

THE ORIGINAL SOCKS AND THINGS “A si poste” (Shibuya-ku,Tokyo)

You can also get some fashionable socks other than loose socks at reasonable prices there!

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