Japanese Names That Could Be Offensive Overseas! Is Your Name OK?

What is your name?
There are various names in the world.
There are many trends and culture-specific names in each country.

There are a few Japanese names that may mean something completely different in other countries or pronounced in a way that may be misconstrued for another (usually offensive) word.

Here are a few typical Japanese names with a completely different meaning in other countries!

Associated with “Artificial Intelligence.”
Means “egg” in German.
Could be misconstrued as, “Are you me?”.
Mistaken for “eerie”.
Means “chicken” in Finnish.
Mistaken/mispronounced as “Kill me”!
Means “Pervert” in Swedish.
Means “female parts” in British English.
Means “stool” in German!
“I am Saori” is sometimes misconstrued as “I am sorry.”
In French it could be mistaken for “si au lit,” meaning, “to be in bed.”
Mistaken for “shit hot”.
Mistaken for “Junior”.
Means “female breasts” in Indonesian.
It sounds like “fou,” which means “a fool” in French.
Mistaken for, “Take a shit!”.
In Italian, could be mistaken for “Ci cako,” or, “I empty my bowels here”.
Means “stubborn” in Spanish.
Mistaken for “Tell me”.
Mistaken for “Now”.
In Arabic, the name can mean, “I’m tired because of him.”
In Hindi, “a thief.”
Mistaken for “halt” in English.
Pronounced very similar to “Michael”!
Means “pubic hairs” in Thai.
Mistaken for “You Suck”!
Means, “to be itchy” in German.
Mistaken for “yucky” in English.
Mistaken for, “You scare”.
Mistaken for, “You Die”.
Means “nose” in Italian.
Means “crowd” in Hindi.
If spelled “UMA,” people may associate with “unidentified mysterious animal.”
Means “mom” in Arabic.
Means “the god of death” in Hindi.
Means “to laugh” in Spanish.
Means “a person eating male genitals” in Burmese.

What did you think?
There is so many more that aren’t listed!

Was your name okay?
You should think about a wonderful nickname if your name sounds too strange overseas.
And be sure to reference this list when considering names for your child!

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