The 4 Top Styles in Fashion-forward Japan

There are a lot of fashionable styles in the world, but there are also many in Japan! The fashion in Japan ranges from Japanese traditional styles to modern ones worn by young people. Now let me introduce four popular fashion styles!

1. Kimono
Japan = kimono, is the prevailing image. It is also called wafuku (Japanese clothes) as it is the representative of Japanese traditional clothes. Japanese people generally had worn kimono as everyday clothes until about 50 years ago. Though kimono is rarely seen everyday now, it is generally used for special events like a wedding, funeral, Shichi Go San (a festival day for children of three, five and seven years), and the Coming-of-Age Ceremony.
And yukata, whichi is a kind of wafuku, is typically wore at a summer festival, a firework display and so on as it is easier to wear and comparatively cheaper than kimono.

2. Lolita Fashion
Lolita fashion features a princesslike style wearing puffed one-piece with accessories decorated with lace and ribbon. That pretty fashion which shows a young girl’s cuteness attracts people more than other street fashion.
There are some kinds in the Lolita fashion. Amaloli which is sweet (amai in Japanese) and cute like a princess, Gothloli which is taking Gothic style, Punkloli whichi is taking punk, Waloli whichi remade wafuku into lolita fashion, and so on.

3. Gal Fashion
Speaking of typical fashion style of young people in Shibuya, it’s Gal fashion! It is very popular style among young people with curled hair whichi is bright like brown or blond, exposing much of legs wearing a miniskirt or short pants, and high heels. Recently it is also gaining in popularity overseas.
Typically gal fashion changes its style as the time goes by. Especially characteristic styles are Manba which features tanned skin at tanning salon and so forth, heavy eye makeup, and colorful hair, Kigurumin wearing various character’s costume (kigurumi), and Agejo which features hair styles like curled hair or bulged worn up hair with heavy eye makeup.

4. Harajuku kei Fashion
Harajuku kei fashion uses a lot of colorful and pop items. As the name shows, it became popular and is evolving in Harajuku. It makes much of the personality, so each person is taking various items and wearing different clothes from others.
These days by the influence of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who is very popular Japanese artiste abroad, Harajuku kei fashion is having a high reputation overseas, too.

Photo by acworks, Koji Ishii, sprklg, Danny Choo, Dick Thomas Johnson

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