I lived in Japan for a long time too much! I was surprised at one’s change!

In the world, there is a person living in a country unlike the native place country a lot.
And many foreigners live in Japan.
The person who lives by work and a hobby.
The person who likes Japan, and continues living for dozens of years.
The person who marries a Japanese, and builds the family.
The culture and environment of Japan lose a sense of incongruity when they live in Japan for a long time.
And it becomes the sense same as a Japanese before I notice.

Feel that people living in Japan for a long time are saying “I was used to Japan”.
The sense that was used to the culture of other countries is slightly interesting!

・I am familiar with the national sport of Japan than a Japanese.
・I purchase a small plastic chair for a shower.
・I lose pronunciation of R and L.
・I feel that it is delicious with noodles as a sandwich.
・I want to cry to call a salesclerk at a restaurant.
・When it is status symbol, I feel a row of “it is for exclusive use of a Japanese” of Narita Airport.
・I count the area of the apartment in a tatami mat.
・I enjoy the 3-day vacation including the 8-hour flight.
・I feel that it is long to be waiting to the next train for one minute.
・I think that the Chinese kanji is slightly interesting.
・Anything enters the hot spring in nude without minding it, but does not become topless in a beach. (woman)
・I do not go for a trip with a toothbrush.
・I can eat without laughing at a cream colon.
・I am okay even if I sit straight more than 30 minutes.
・When I contract an apartment, I am not worried about paying the recompense for two months.
・I turn off a light at the time of sign of danger.
・When I take a taxi, I wait for a door to open.
・If an early case of a cold comes out, I wear a mask.
・Even if the police can make a light shine, I do not think that I fight against oneself.
・I come to think that the Japanese futon is too tender.
・I can dress you in the proper yukata.
・I memorize a date in the Heisei era.
・I feel a hometown when I look at the cherry tree.
・I am irritated by a Japanese youth speaking wrong Japanese.
・It does not have a sense of incongruity to call OIOI Marui.
・I own Mama-chari.
・If there is not a book jacket, a book is not readable at a public place.
・I wear the T-shirt which strange English was written.
・I am interested about a blood type.
・I cannot say the name of the fish in English.
・I bow in the middle of a telephone.
・I put a wallet on the table and secure a seat.
・It is comfortable to take a hot bath.
・I suffer from hay fever.
・I do not think that Japanese English is funny.
・When I take a photograph, I do a peace sign.
・Even if there is an earthquake of seismic intensity 3, I am okay.

How about?
Might you sympathize?
The person who was used to Japan should have often thought “indeed!”.

A sense of incongruity disappears strangely first in Japanese culture to feel and the custom living for a long time!

There are a lot of people like the Japanese than a Japanese!

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