Sailor Moon: the Anime That’s Taking the World By Storm!

One of the most popular work in Japanese animation is “Sailor Moon”.
Many people might be thinking that it is a slightly dated anime!
But the anime has been resurging in popularity lately.
“Sailor Moon Crystal,” a spin-off that started last year, is translated into 12 languages and is streamed worldwide!
Fans across the world reveled!

In 1992 the animation “Sailor Moon” started its broadcast, on Saturdays at 7:00 pm.
It was broadcast on prime time!

The main character is a female junior high school student, Usagi Tsukino.
She is klutzy and a cry baby. She meets a mysterious black cat and gains a special power to transform into a super hero.
Her mission is to find the Princess of the Moon, and protect her!

This work appeals to girls as it contains many girly elements of traditional girls’ comics, while incorporating female strength, in her transformation and ability to fight evil.

The heroine with flaws receives more sympathy from readers from a heroine who has no flaws.
In addition, she shows both strength and vulnerability, when a masked hero like Tuxedo Kamen occasionally comes to rescue her when she gets into trouble.
What a romantic story for girls!
When she transforms, she yells, “makeup!” which is also endearing.
She does not transform herself into a completely different appearance, but instead glamours herself up into a superhero with some makeup.
This probably also resonated with readers.

Of course there are scenes that are popular with male readers too!
The supporting characters who appear in the anime as friends of Sailor Moon, are akin to the idols of J-pop groups. Male fans enjoy being able to select their favorite among the supporting characters. Many men tune in to follow the stories of their favorite character.
In addition, the characters do not have explicitly sexy costumes but show just enough skin for a healthy sex appeal.

The Japanese cosplay culture has spread across the world lately too!
Many people dress up as Sailor Moon. In Japan, it has become a popular subject of topic that the Sailor Moon costumes overseas are finished to extraordinarily high standards!

If you love anime you must check it out!

Photo by アニメ壁紙BOX、GirlsChannel、思考回路

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