The Slightly Mysterious World of Japanese Animation

Cartoon animation (Anime) is Japan’s major cultural export.
There are a lot of global fans of Japanese animation these days!
Behavioral patterns are unique across each country – anime is able to express those differences quite creatively.

Japan has many unique behavioral cues!

・A bloody nose when characters think perverse thoughts.
American comics seem to express the same idea through steam through the ears!

・They catch a cold immediately.
The characters catch a cold right after they get soaked in the rain, sleep without a blanket, and go out at night.

・When the characters smile, their eyes close completely.
The majority of Japanese animation characters close their eyes when laughing or smiling.

・The main characters typically do not have parents.
50% of famous Japanese animation feature main characters without parents.
Dragon Ball, NARUTO, cord gears ….

・Most of the characters are minors.
Because the Japanese idolize youth, many of the characters are in their teens.

・Great hairstyle!
There are many hairstyles that is hard to recreate in a salon!
Amazing that the hair stays in place even when the characters move!

・They have huge weapons.
They often have weapons that is physically impossible to carry.
A small main character swings around weapons bigger than himself.

There are other unique features also that aren’t mentioned here…

These cartoon expressions are so uniquely Japanese that it doesn’t seem strange until you start thinking about them.
There may be many other interesting ways of expressing emotion and behavior within the animation of your country!

Photo by ゆっちー、翻訳こんにゃくお味噌味(仮)、お茶妖精

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