Tea ceremony / Sadou is the beautiful world of Japan.

sadou is traditional culture in Japan.
It is “tea ceremony” when I say in English.
I sit straight in a Japanese-style room and, in a kimono, drink Matcha.
All the characteristics of Japan are jam-packed.
There are many people who come to Japan, and want to experience it.

sadou is a meeting enjoying a tea break handed down to Japan for a long time.
The master invites a guest and boils hot water and makes tea and is a behaving ceremony.

Manners and procedures are different by a school.
The rough procedure is …
temae means that I make tea.
The master carries a tool making tea to the tea-ceremony room and cleanses a tea set, a bowl and warms the bowl with hot water.
The master pours Matcha into the bowl and pours hot water and rummages in chasen and starts the Matcha which I made to a guest.
If a bowl is put in the front of oneself, the guest bows and says hello to the master with “Otemae Itadakimasu”.
The guest takes the bowl by the right hand, and expand to the left hand and go and turn the right hand to the direction of the hand on the watch twice and I change a direction and drink Matcha.

The point is …
Not only it drinks Matcha, and it enjoys it, but also it is important to enjoy to see a bowl.
When I carry a bowl before a guest, the master turns it in the front to see a bowl according to a partner most beautifully.
I add this to a meaning of respect and the respect for the guest.
And thought to want you to enjoy the seemliness is put.
I turn a bowl the guest thoroughly enjoys the beauty of the bowl to meet the thought and to show respect and respect to the master and

turn the front to the master.
The point is … one more.
The word “Osakini.”
At the tea ceremony, a teacake comes out with Matcha.
I eat in the order that this was taken out by the master.
If the next person finishes eating, it is one’s turn.
I eat Matcha and a teacake after saying “Osakini” to the next person who has not yet eaten then.
Such consideration and consideration are very beautiful.

Sadou has a lot of manner and procedures.
To be frank, it is difficult.
But it is originally a meeting to enjoy a tea break.
When you came to Japan, I will experience it carelessly!

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