Akihabara = Anime!

What comes to your mind when you hear Akihabara?
Electronic appliances?

Akihabara is not just a place where there are lots of electronics shops.
That is of course one of the attractions it has but what now symbolizes the area is “anime.”
Akihabara is famous where fans of Japan-made cartoons get together.

If you are interested in Japanese animation, why don’t you visit?
You can find various items from comic books, animated films and video games.


Here are two shops you should go.
First, “Gamers,” located just 10 seconds on foot from “Akihabara Electric Town” exit.
The shop has a wide variety of character goods especially from animated cartoons and games for men, as well as anime magazines.

Second is “Toranoana,” on the main street Chuo-dori two minutes on foot to Suehiro-cho from the Electric Town exit.

Toranoana is selling a lot of manga related items and holds three shops by category.
Toranoana A deals in comic books and young-adult fiction novels, and Toranoana B CDs and DVDs.
And Toranoana C sells dojin related items. Dojin means amateur works published by fandom.

On the left of Toranoana there is “Animate” one of a big retailers of anime, manga and games.
It places emphasis on magazines on anime items.
Note that manga and character goods in the shop are mainly for women.

Let’s enjoy anime tour in Akihabara!

Shop Info
The main store, Gamers
Address: Takarada Bldg.
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

[map addr=”東京都千代田区外神田1-14-7″ width=”600px” height=”400px”]

Akihabara Station on JR Line
0 minute walk from the Electric Town exit
Or on Hibiya Line
10 minutes walk from Exit 2

Enjoy anime tour in Akihabara!

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