Beware of international romance scams! Three reasons why Japanese women are targeted and a summary of measures to avoid becoming a victim.

International romance scams that are causing a stir in the world today. In this article, I have summarized why Japanese women are more likely to be victims of these scams and what measures can be taken to detect and prevent them.

“3 reasons why Japanese women are targeted”

1、apanese women are perceived as wealthy.

Japan is known as one of the top economic countries in Asia, and this image has become ingrained in the world. Japanese people are clean and well-dressed, so it’s easy to spot them when walking around abroad. Scammers may target them after seeing photos of them at luxurious high-end restaurants or purchasing luxury goods, thinking that they are wealthy.

2、Japanese women are honest and kind.

This is a virtue of Japanese people, but there may be few people who can clearly say “NO” when their partner is in trouble. Especially when their loved one is in trouble, they may want to help them within their abilities. Scammers take advantage of this personality trait! They start with normal conversation and get closer to the victim by saying things like, “My family member (or myself) is sick and hospitalized. We don’t have enough money for treatment, and I need your help.”

3、It’s difficult for victims to come forward.

Even if they realize they have been scammed, very few people file a criminal complaint or go to court. Some victims keep quiet and cry themselves to sleep, shocked that they have been deceived. Additionally, if the scammer’s identity is fake or if they disappear overseas, it’s impossible to take legal action against them.

As a result, the scammers continue to deceive people without getting caught…

Now, I’ll introduce some countermeasures to avoid falling victim to “romance scams”!

1)Don’t reply to messages from strangers recklessly.

It’s nice to be followed or liked on Instagram, but scammers send the same copy-paste messages to many women. If you receive a long DM out of the blue, be careful!

2)Consult with people around you.

There is always something off about scammers. Love is blind, but once you’ve fallen for someone, you may not be able to see their negative traits or faults. That’s when it’s important to listen to the opinions of people who can objectively advise you.

How was that?

International marriages are increasing, and there are many forms of romance. However, “international marriage romance scams,” which take advantage of people’s kindness and steal money, are a truly unforgivable crime. To protect your precious heart and money, it’s important not to become a victim.



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