A Gaijin’s Perspective: 5 Great Things about Living in Japan

It’s hard to notice good things about a country while you’re living there. But these traits can be observed right away by overseas travelers.

Here we’ve compiled the five best things about Japan as seen from the perspective of foreign visitors.

This article might be a helpful reference for those considering a trip, as well as for residents to fully appreciate the country they’re living in!

Then at once…

・Top 5 strengths of Japan!

5 There are many kind and polite people

Female, American:
“Japan receives the culture of other countries and is going to know it. Japanese always hear my story by big reaction with great interest.”
Male, American:
“The Japanese can spend time together pleasantly without being concerned. They are dressed beautiful with cleanliness and are polite. It is the owner of the quiet, tolerant heart.”
Male, American:
“A complaint, dissatisfaction was told at random in the United States by various people. In Japan, a complaint, dissatisfaction was told only by a really close friend. I like such a place.”

4 Festival, house
Italian, woman
“The lively festival of Japan can conflict with the warmth of the person, and the food of the branch is delicious, too!”
Mexican, man
“A pretty girl becomes prettier in a yukata! I think that a woman in a kimono is the most beautiful in the world!”
Singaporean, woman
“A bath, a tatami mat, futon is the best! When it was a traditional house of Japan, the trouble of the sleep disappeared, too!”
American, woman
Though “the United States was only a shower, I liked the bath of Japan! I get fatigue slowly and can sleep well. Though it costs water supply charges.”

3 There is a lot of cheap, delicious food

Netherlander, man
“To eat is pleased with Japan. Okonomiyaki to eat with beer and rolling by hand sushi to eat with a friend are the best!”
American, man
“Japan is a country such as the big bar. There are a lot of things which I want to eat, and I run out of time.”
British, man
“The home-cooked meal likes the dish too of the restaurant, too! I think that the Japanese food may be compared as a different genre in Europe.”

2 The convenience of the means of transportation. A way is beautiful.



American, man
“The train comes on time. And I am beautiful, and these are early and are safe.”
Belgian, man
“The Japanese train is reliable!”
Indian, woman
“I love beauty of Japanese nature! Though the commuting to the company is a bicycle, the road is clean and is comfortable!”
Netherlander, man
Because “a Japanese says that a road is dirty, I laugh! Because 100 times is purer than Amsterdam of my hometown.”
The French, man
“The Japanese road has few graffitis. Does the dangerous person think about a rotation in this country?.”

1 The people who are calm by peace.

American, man
“I am glad that I can walk the outside without minding even lunch even at night. Of course I walk, but the crime cannot compare with the United States in Japan either.”
British, woman
“I like the place where I can feel relieved! Because there is not the place where youths hang around like England.”
Canadian, man
“I am from Toronto. Toronto is known as a safe town. But, actually, it is the number of crimes that are about the same as NY. The big city of American and European countries cannot evade a crime.”

I feel that there were many opinions about the personality of Japanese people.
It is safe by peace, and a person is calm.
A thing left behind even if lose it, it is good reputation of Japan to come back properly.

And the historic culture such as a festival or the kimono and the precision of the modern train and machine are Japanese representative appeal points.

I understand that it is the property which is important for not only a thing and the history but also the personality.
I understand the charm of the own country and feel that it is important to protect important property!

Photo by MADAMERIRI、荷車屋、枚方つーしん

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