Cuteness Overload! The 10 Most Popular Animals in Japan!

Do you like animals? There are various kinds of animals. Their cuteness soothes us, doesn’t it? I’m sure there are many pet lovers out there.
Then what kind of animal is popular in Japan? In this article I’d like to introduce the ten most popular animals in Japan!

〇10. Elephant
The most popular animal in the zoo is of course, the elephant! A large body with a pretty face, especially those lovely round eyes are cute! If you’d like to enjoy seeing elephants to your heart’s content in Japan, I recommend that you go to「市原ぞうの国」in Ichihara, Chiba!

〇9. Koala
Koalas inhabit Australia. They are so popular in Japan as they look peaceful and lovely. The way they cling to the tree is heartwarming, isn’t it? Although you can see koalas in only eight zoos in Japan, they are close and familiar to Japanese people as they have been a character of famous cookies.

〇8. Alpaca
Recently an alpaca is booming in Japan. It is a kind of domesticated species of South America and belongs to camelids. It is about 150 to 175cm long and its withers height is 80 to 90cm on average. It gained in popularity especially among women after having appeared in a commercial in Japan. Pure-white fluffy hair and lovely round eyes are very cute, aren’t they? If you want to see an alpaca, I recommend here!「マザー牧場

〇7. Hamster
Because not only they are cute, but you can keep them in a small space and they are easy to take care, a hamster is popular as a pet. A hamster is palm-sized and very cute, isn’t it? There are various kinds of hamsters and it’s enjoyable to choose the one you like at a pet shop. The most popular one among them is the Djungarian Hamster.

〇6. Red panda
A red panda looks like a raccoon and inhabits Asia like India or China. Originally it had been popular but someday it gained in popularity due to Futa kept in 「千葉市動物公園」. It created a big boom since Futa appeared in news and so on as a red panda that stands erect on its hind legs and became famous all over Japan.

〇5. Dolphin
Speaking of a popular animal in the aquarium, it’s a dolphin, isn’t it? The dolphin shows held in many aquariums are making a lot of people from small children to elderly people happy. The dolphin is clever and it can be close and friendly to people. It’s one of attractive points of it. If you want to watch a dynamic dolphin show, I recommend you go there!「鴨川シーワールド

〇4. Rabbit
A rabbit is the most popular animal in a petting zone in a zoo. Many kindergartens or elementary schools are keeping rabbits, so probably most people are familiar with them since their childhood. Recently the rabbit is popular as a pet and many people come and see it in the pet shop. A rabbit is very cautious and not easy to like people, but once it liked you, you will become to love it deeply and feel it is more and more cute!

〇3. Giant panda
In Japan you can see a giant panda only in three zoos. A giant panda inhabits China and is in the Order Carnivora. The body covered with plenty black and white hair and the way it munches bamboo grass are lovely, aren’t they? A giant panda is so delicate that it is rare for it to have a baby by natural mating and there are only a few examples in Japan. So you are very lucky if you could see a giant panda baby! If you want to see a giant panda, this place is recommendable!「上野動物園

〇2. Cat
A cat is carefree, easy and makes us feel soothing. It has been very popular as a pet since the old days. One day it acts cold to its master and the other day it behaves like a spoiled child so much…suddenly it disappears and comes back unexpectedly…this very unconcerned character may be the key of its popularity. If you can’t keep a pet in your home, you can touch a lot of cats there. 「猫カフェ」If you love cats, be sure to go there!

〇1. Dog
Needles to say, a dog is very popular! It is said that more than half of the people who keep a pet have a dog. A dog is friendly and likes its master so much. The obedient character is one of the reasons why it is popular among people. Especially those small sized ones like a toy poodle, a chihuahua and so on that are easy to keep indoors are popular among various kinds. Nowadays much attention is paid to the dog therapy from its healing effects and we often see a dog at a hospital or a nursing facility.

Photo by acwork, こーじー, *Yaco*, hibiki,, Toshihiro Gamo, UKP, ちゃぁみい, NANNAN, anna

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