Nikko Saru Gundan | Come see the performing monkey troupe!

When people think of Nikko, they think of hiking, hot springs, and historical sightseeing spots like Nikko Toshogu. But there’s one more. Nikko has a famous theme park called Nikko Saru Gundan (Nikko monkey troupe) where you can play with adorable monkeys.

The first visitor might be overwhelmed by monkeys doing their performances. It is a good opportunity to see and touch monkeys as a part of sightseeing.
The monkeys appear on TV a lot in Japan. For the first time, this cute monkey made great tricks together here in Saru gekijo(a monkey theater). It’s unbelievable but monkeys are smart animals as humans, they can imitate well and learn the way people teach.


The principal of the monkeys is Naka Toshio. There are laughs and happenings in the stage performed by the principal and the monkeys, it is an entertainment that everyone from children to adults has fun. You may feel how fast time flies with Nikko Saru Gundan.。

Address Itakura 763 Nikko shi Tochigi 321-2545
Open 8:30-17:00
Close Thursdays

Adult 2100yen
Child 1260yen(over 3years old)

Phone 0288-76-8259
The Nikko monkey corp is based in Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture including the monkey performances and the theme park. After the gate, there will be a real monkey world!
The monkeys do their tricks on the stage from one to seven times a day.
The sales shop named “monkey house” is selling monkey characters goods. It is good to have your favorite monkey and collect its goods.

When you feel tired, the monkey restaurant attracts you with a wide range of food menus such as noodles and rice bowls.。

Moreover in the park, Miyama hot spring is located. In addition the park holds log houses made by the principal, barbecue places, open-air bathes, fishing spots, and activity spaces.

The monkey group was closed once, in fact.↓

However it is reborn again!

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