Cat Cafe | Inside the uber-popular cat cafe

There are as many as 150 cat cafes throughout Japan, the most out of anywhere around the globe.
The popularity of cat cafes is increasing and the trend is spreading to various parts of the world.

The first cat cafe was actually opened in Taiwan twenty years ago, as a cat & flower garden. The popularity spread to Japan, and now there are over 150 cat cafes across Japan.


So what is this cat cafe?
Cat cafes, or sometimes called Neko Kissa, is a cafe where patrons spend time playing with cats roaming freely indoors.
There is also a cafe called Neko Mimi Cafe (Cat Ears Cafe) where the cafe staff wear cat costumes. People looking for an authentic cat cafe may be disappointed by the lack of cats.
Some nekocafes open from AM to midnight, while some others are open 24 hours.
Many of the cat cafes in Japan charge customers  by the hour, while in Taiwan, shops often require a minimum food and drink order per visit.

In Japan the majority of cat cafes offer customers an all-you-can-drink (soft drinks), while some cafes in Taiwan serve food and alcoholic drinks as well.
First, place an order and select a course if necessary. After that, you can play with the cats as much as time permits. You can also feed cats and play with a feather toy.

Cat cafe customers vary widely. Some patrons visit as they can’t have a pet in a dwelling unit of an apartment house.

*Recommended cat cafe in Tokyo
・”Temari no Ouchi” (Kichijoji)
The cafe is designed like a deep forest. It is as if entering a dream world and allows visitors to enjoy its fairly tale-like atmosphere.

Price: 1200 yen (Mon-Fri), 1600 yen (Sat-Sun, Holidays)
Address: Kichijoji Honcho 2-13-14-3F
Musashino-shi, Tokyo

・”cat cafe Nyankoto” (Takadanobaba)
The cafe opened in 2014 and is relatively new and clean. It has an at-home atmosphere you can feel as if you are in your own room. You can bring your own food and drinks; it’s even acceptable to eat a conbini bento. That really is like being at home, isn’t it?

Basic Charge: 800 yen/hr
Address: Takadanobaba 2-13-6 Swan Bldg. 201
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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