If you are hosting foreigners at your home, here are 5 reasons why Sukiyaki is definitely recommended

If you suddenly have foreign friends coming over to your house, what kind of food would you serve them? This article introduces 5 reasons why Sukiyaki is recommended for serving to foreigners!

1、The seasoning is always spot on

Everyone has their own food preferences, such as not being able to handle spicy food or not liking raw fish. Sweet and salty flavors from sugar and soy sauce, like in teriyaki and beef bowls, are very popular worldwide. Everyone from the elderly to children loves it!

2、Using unique Japanese ingredients can make for great conversation topics!

The ingredients used in sukiyaki, such as long green onions, grilled tofu, shiitake mushrooms, shirataki noodles, and garland chrysanthemum, are all quite rare overseas! ‘What is this?’ ‘What is it made of?’ The conversation never ends.

Also, if you splurge a little and prepare famous beef like Matsusaka or Kobe beef, you’re sure to please!

3、First time? Try a raw egg challenge

When it comes to sukiyaki, raw eggs are a must!

In Japan, we often eat raw eggs on rice and other dishes, but many people overseas are hesitant to try them. This is because eggs are usually cooked overseas and the expiration dates on eggs sold in supermarkets are unusually long.

At first, some people may react with ‘Eh? Raw eggs are a bit…’ but once they take a bite, they’ll be hooked

4、The special feeling of gathering around one pot!

If you were invited to a friend’s house overseas, wouldn’t you rather try home-cooked meals than fancy restaurant dishes? Sukiyaki is available at restaurants in Japan, but it’s still strongly associated with home cooking.

Gathering around a hot pot on the table and eating hot sukiyaki together will surely become an unforgettable memory of Japan!

However, some people may not like using their own chopsticks to pick food from the pot, so don’t forget to prepare serving chopsticks.

5、Preparation and cooking are easy!

When it comes to inviting guests, you’re busy with cleaning the room and preparing souvenirs, so you don’t have time to spend on cooking! The ease of preparing sukiyaki quickly once you have all the ingredients is a big attraction.

What do you think? If you ever invite foreigners to your home, please try entertaining them with sukiyaki



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