Why are there more national holidays in Japan than overseas!?

There is a preconception overseas that the Japanese are hard workers and very serious.
But in fact, Japan has many national holidays allowing its citizens to take many days off!
It is nice that there are many holidays.

There are many holidays in Japan.
In England, there are 8 national holidays. In France, Germany, and the United States there are around 10.
But Japan has 15!

However, there are few people whom I realize if there are many holidays in Japan.
While there are few national holidays, I get a long vacation in Europe and America.

When it is summer vacation, the office worker gets a long-term rest, too; and trip … long-term to the foreign countries.
It is a common story in Europe and America.
The Japanese office worker does not rest it so for a long time.

Is the summer vacation when you are average several days?
There are the most people called 3-4 days by the questionary survey of the Japanese insurance company and travel agency.
It is the person that there should be one week including Saturday and Sunday.


In conventional Japan, an important point was put in increasing the introduction that took two days off at the weekend and the increase of the holiday.
All the members can take a rest all at once on the same day if I arrange the national holiday.

“Marine Day” and “Greenery Day” increase, and there is the discussion that you should increase more.

This thought obstructs the realization of the long vacation.
When other people work, it is difficult environment that only oneself takes the paid vacation.

So Japan has extremely lower acquisition rate of the paid vacation than American and European countries.
It is said that the Japanese works too much.

The office worker thinks that efficiency of the work declines by holidays increasing.
If a season is over in summer vacation, two times of consecutive holidays are waiting for 9 twice a month in November once in October.
Take a rest, and work …, and take a rest …, and work …; and …
I do not know whether this is that the work is efficient, or it is bad.

There are few rests in the autumn in Europe.
I work for a vacation having a long Christmas intensely.


I think that it is a good idea that I reduce a day to take a rest all at once, and increase paid vacations to be able to take a rest freely.

Each worker can take the paid vacation of 35 days a year in a favorite timing.
The long vacation of the Europe and America type can be realized, too.

Japan is a country in the world with many national holidays.

For example, a national holiday is surprised that there is many it when I show an Italian a Japanese calendar.
In Italy, there are approximately 36 days paid vacation in general workers.
And there is a rule to have to all use it up.
Italy can realize a rest.


Is the holiday of the style that how is you preference?

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