Miso Soup: The taste of the Japanese Mama

The miso soup and white rice are two must-have elements of a Japanese meal.
Miso soup is made using a dashi broth with vegetables and tofu, seaweed, seasonal products, and finished off with a bit of miso paste.
Particularly pleasing on cold mornings and the morning of a hangover, it is a soup that warms the soul.
It is a representative dish of the taste of Japan.

A Japanese having come to eat miso soup in the Kamakura era.
A meal of ichiju-issai has begun to colonize in samurai family society.
It is said that a custom to drink miso soup was enacted in the case of the meal every time.
ichiju-issai … rice + miso soup + side dish(1)

As for the miso soup, nourishment is included in richness.
This dish can eat ingredients materials together with similar juice.
Therefore I can take in all nourishment without waste.
It is a superior health dish.
In the wartime poor eating habits, a simple meal continued.
It is said that rice and the miso soup contribute to the fact that there were able to be people with health in that.

“Soup stock” and “the miso” becoming the decisive factor to make miso soup are characteristic every each area.
And there is preference of a constant seller and the taste of ingredients materials every each family.
This is inherited as “the taste of Momma” from generation to generation.
I take “the soup stock” with a bonito or kombu characterizing Japan well.
And I put ingredients materials to individuality of the miso.
This is an art to make delicious miso soup.

Because the miso soup uses “miso”, it is apt to be thought that there is much salt.
There is the person liking rather deep taste by preference.
And the area of the country may put miso a little too much.
But the salt understands unexpectedly few things in comparison with other food.
Furthermore, you should eat with potassium-rich ingredients.
It is because I am effective in exhausting extra salt outside a body.
The Japanese drinks the miso soup of the corbicula in the morning of the hangover.
This is right nutritionally, too.
Furthermore, the basic “tofu” and “leek” of ingredients materials of the miso soup are good for digestion.
Therefore it is kind to the stomach and intestines.

The miso soup is indispensable to an everyday dining table.
It is “taste of Momma” that thought about the health of the family.

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