Katana rankings: What are the top 5 best swords?

Japan has many splendid swords. Of them, here are the five greatest katanas whose legends have been retold over many generations.
★No. 5! Nenekirimaru

It sounds like interesting human name, isn’t it? This sword could tear monsters including Japanese ghosts by itself without someone’s hands. It’s an exsisted legend sword.

★No. 4! Teppougiri Kanemitsu

This can cut through thunder or machine gun and it’s known that historical famous person, Uesugi Kenshin loved it. The farmers held the sword on their heads immediately to prevent snowing, thunder hit down on the swords but no one got wound and it stopped raining.
The sword has bloodstain! It means a trace of cutting thunder.

★No. 3! Heshikiri Hasebe

This is a sword that the famous military commander Oda Nobunaga used before. One rude Buddhist monk hid himself under a shelf, the raged Nobunaga cut down the man with the shelf. It is really sharp.

★No. 2! Kamewaritou

This was a Mr. Ito’s sword. It was said that the sword broke down completely separate a robber in a bottle.

★No. 1! Doujigiriyasutsuna

It’s a so famous fabulous sword. You don’t miss it!
The legend shows the sword was so sharp that a demon’s head was cut off.
Another story tells you about the sword’s strength more.
In Edo period, Mr. Machida whose occupation was a sword’s expert, raised up his sword and fell down it to six criminal people who were piled up. The sword rip separately not only the criminals but a wooden base under them.

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