These 5 Incredible Japanese Works of Art Are Sure to Blow You Away!

Every country boasts their share of works of art, works that grab people and are loved through the ages.
Here are our recommendations of the finest works of art in Japan!

Bonsai has become very popular in the world. Bonsai is the work of art made by nature. Although there are many ways to enjoy plants,the most attractive point in Bonsai is completely expressing Japanese beautiful four seasons in a small flowerpot. Not only the whole looks of bonsai, but also roots, trunks, branches, and leaves are each worth watching and you will not be tired of looking at them.
Among numerous works of bonsai, especially popular one these days is BONSAI ART that combines bonsai with miniatures. BONSAI ART was created by Japanese artist Aiba Takanori and is a delicate and beautiful work that makes you feel as if you enterd in a fairly tail world seeing it. The whole new way of enjoying bonsai is attracting a lot of people.

〇No. 4 Mino Yaki (Mino Ware)
Japanese pottery is sometimes said to be the best in the world. The way of baking or applying patterns differs according to each region. But among them, I’d like to recommend Mino Yaki.
Mino Yaki is the pottery made in Gifu prefecture. Mino Yaki has the long history and its tableware production holds 60 % of whole Japanese market. It can be said that Mino Yaki is the representative pottery in Japan. Mino Yaki has various way of baking, so you can enjoy various versions in shapes or patterns of Mino Yaki.

〇No.3 Rittai Kingyo Art (Three-dimensional Goldfish Art)
The one that is highly reputed these days not only in Japan but also in the world is Rittai Kingyo Art by goldfish painter Riusuke Fukahori.
The way of making is unexpectedly simple. First pour the resin into the container, dry it, paint goldfish on it, and pour the resin again on it. Then it’s complete. The goldfish painted on it look real and lively no matter how many times you look at them.

〇No. 2 Art Calligraphy
Speaking of calligraphy, you will think of writing beautiful letters like those written in a textbook. In Art Calligraphy, however, you can write letters freely in size or colors. The style varies from dynamic one writing big letters on a big paper to delicate one writing small letters deliberately. This is an easy work of art you can make with just the imagination.

〇No.1 Fugaku Sanjurokkei (Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji) (woodblock prints by Katsushika Hokusai)
This is the work still popular for about 190 years after its release by ukiyoe artist Katsushika Hokusai who is famous in the world. Fugaku means Mount Fuji and this work is ukiyoe drawn Mount Fuji seen from various regions. From the one Mount Fuji is drawn full of the print to the one Mount Fuji is drawn from far away. You can enjoy various looks of Mount Fuji. At the time of release, the work consisted of 36 prints as the name shows, but since it became popular, 10 more prints were added later and now it consists of as many as 46 in all.

They are the works from the one that have been loved for long time to the modern one. How are they? They are all wonderful, so please look at them by yourself!

Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbera, Kimon Berlin, sanxki, Jessica

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