Rakugo | Behind the comedic style & artform

The rakugo is a traditional art of Japan.
Unlike other traditional arts, the actor pushes forward a story only by a gesture gesture.
I call a person playing rakugo in Japanese Rakugo-ka.

One actor in a kimono.
There are no apparel and showy set.
The actor manages only a folding fan and a Japanese towel, and any position plays it by a gesture gesture alone.
The world spreads out in the skill of the actor and the imagination of the interviewer.
It is the traditional art that is very simple, and is imminent.

The beginning of rakugo from the Muromachi era in the Azuchimomoyama era.
They served a war-torn country daimyo and played it with the story and did the work that I introduced a people’s opinion into.
It seemed to have been pleased that one of the inside had a very interesting talk in front of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
And people to tell a story for a fee appear when it is the Edo era.

The rakugo of the Edo era evolves among people having low social position.
The wisdom of the people who lived in everyday hard life hard is recited with laughter.

In Kyoto and Osaka, an actor prepares the stage into the precincts of the roadside and the Shinto shrine.
They showed one’s own story to passing people and did business.
This is Kamigata rakugo.
And an actor is invited to the room in the Edo era and shows a talk.
This is Tokyo rakugo.

The actor tells passing people the Kamigata rakugo in the outdoors.
So they use a samisen and the small tools and give service to a visitor.
On the contrary, as for the Tokyo rakugo, the actor has anything to do with a selected small visitor.
As it was not necessary to be outstanding, it would be enough if there were a folding fan and a Japanese towel.
They do not mind the reaction of the visitor very much.
The feature is that I push forward a story at the pace of the actor steadily.

It is art that the rakugo sits down alone and plays.
They push forward a story just to talk and express various quality only with a folding fan and a Japanese towel.
The actor cannot miss the slight movement and angle of the upper body and skillful speech skill and power of expression.
It is not interesting if I do not know which part the conversation of the character is.

It is difficult simply because it is simple.
Therefore people called Rakugo-ka train itself for years.
Even the same stories are entirely different by an actor.
I think that the fun can realize you if I hear a story once!


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