Zabuton | Learn the proper etiquette around these seating cushions!

Do you know Zabuton?
Zabuton is an item almost the symbol of the lifestyle of Japan.
Do you look like a cushion to you?
But it is different.
Zabuton is a heart of the hospitality to meet a visitor.
It is one of the style beauty like the Japanese.

Zabuton plays an important role in the Japanese-style room as manners.
When you prepare a cushion for visitors beforehand, you must be careful about the front and back and the direction.
And there is a lot of being careful about manners of the how to sit down when Zabuton is taken out.
If you do not know the manners, you may be misunderstood by a partner.

In brief, both providing Zabuton side and provided side have a manner.

・Basic manner of Zabuton

Zabuton has an aspect without the seam only of one side.
There is the front.
And there is a part spelled midmost.
That a tuft leaves of the thread over there is the face.
It will prevent it from being wrong when you prepare Zabuton for visitors.

And when you are invited to a Japanese-style room in a visit.
You must not sit in Zabuton without permission.
We sit down on the tatami mat just before Zabuton and wait, or let’s sit to the seat of guided Zabuton.
And you must not step on Zabuton with a sole when you sit down either!
I take down a knee once just before Zabuton.
And I sit down to move from a knee to Zabuton while there is it with both hands.
The basics are sitting straight.

It is easy if I learn it.

Recent Zabuton has a lot of things mass-produced by machine.
Of course it is reasonable.
There are various kinds, and the cover is convenient, too.
But while I use it, cotton of the inside is partial and is destroyed.

Zabuton which a Japanese traditional craftsman handcrafts in comparison with it is the best!
The comfort is outstanding, too!
I can continue using it for years.

If there is an opportunity to go to the Japanese-style room, there will be usually Zabuton.
Please experience it!

Photo by 老舗料亭助六、livedoorNews、フォトスタジオアクエリアス

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