Ryokucha (Green tea) | The unsweetened tea

Green tea is the tea that Japanese drink most.
You can buy it everywhere – in the convenience store or the vending machine.
But some who come to Japan are surprised at first taste:
“This isn’t sweet…!!”

That’s right !
The Japanese tea is not sweet !

The green tea sold abroad contains sweeteners such as sugar or the honey by all means.
A sweetener except the sugar is contained even if listed in the green tea of the plastic bottle sold in Southeast Asia with a “non-sugar” “sugar reply”.

Various tea of the world has many things which sugar enters.
The South American tea is entering sugar…Mongolia and the tea of Tibet put butter and salt…100% of Singaporean green tea is

with sugar.

But !!
It is considerably shocking that tea is sweet for a Japanese.

The Japanese green tea is popular from the foreign countries.
However, what do you drink green tea for?
Do you care about health?
Is it diet?
Is there not a meaning if I put sugar?
Do you understand delicate taste?
Do you not drink genuine Japanese green tea if you drink green tea with much effort?

The Japanese feels “bitterness” of the green tea “bittersweetness” and drinks.
It is a very delicate drink.
Is the overseas person weak in bitterness?

Do you not drink the genuine green tea which is not sweet if you come to Japan?
If every each maker understands difference in taste, it is a Japanese tongue !!

Let’s enjoy a full-scale tea break…

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