Nori (Seaweed) | Delicious black paper!?

Nori is indispensable to a rice ball and sushi.
The Japanese eats white rice with breakfast, lunch, and most dinners.
Nori is a great addition to rice.
As sushi and a rice balls become known overseas, so has the presence of Nori.

There are many different types of nori, ranging from Ita-nori the basic type, Aonori sprinkled on yakisoba and okonomiyaki, and Tsukudani, a type of pickled nori.

There are many different types but the main ingredient in each is the same: seaweed.

Nori is sold throughout the year in the market, but high season is from November to March.
The nori of this time is called “Shin-nori” (new nori).
The characteristic is soft, and a fragrance is high.
Nori is cultivated mainly in Pacific side of Japan, a district, the Kyushu district in Seto.
I make seaweed to be edible and I am dried and do it into a paper form.

The history of the nori is old.
A noble ate as high-quality food.
And the food culture advances when it is the Kamakura era.
nori comes up on the dining table of general public from here.
nori winding was all the rage among general public in those days.
The Westerner seemed to be surprised saying “the Japanese eats black paper together!”.
It is paper surely black visually.
The Westerner would not think that it was food.

nori is nutritious so as to be said to be a green vegetable.
Vitamins, a mineral, dietary fiber, iron content, high quality protein, calcium….
Particularly, a lot of vitamin A is included.
I can take in quantity same as one egg when I eat nori one piece.
I can take in necessary vitamin A, B1, B2 per day when I eat two pieces of laver of the size used for Temaki-sushi.
It is good for a child disliking vegetables.
And it is effective for relieving fatigue and beauty.
Only nori can supplement the short nourishment ingredient with soybeans.
I can take in nourishment effectively if I eat with soybean food.

But I understand that the Japanese nori can digest only a Japanese.
The Japanese had a custom to eat seaweed from old days.
Therefore I have the gene of the bacteria which can break down nori.
The overseas person knowing the nori well has a bad image toward digestion.
But it is all right !!
When the nori gets a cell out of order by heat, digestion and absorption improve.
In brief, I become able to digest anyone!
“Yaki-nori” is recommended for overseas people.

“nori” is interesting food only in Japan.

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