WASABI | The appeal of this spicy condiment

Sushi, sashimi, soba … wasabi is a necessary accompaniment to these foods.
In fact, wasabi is indispensable to food culture in Japan.
It is green and features a refreshing fragrance and sharp taste.
The wasabi root and stems are grated and sold in tube and powder form.
Furthermore, the stem and leaf can be eaten as a pickle!
The wasabi has a unique spiciness that stings the nose.

Wasabi is indigenous to Japan.
It grew wild for a long time in the mountain streams and was traditionally used as a medicinal herb.
Wasabi started to be used in food products in the Kamakura era.
It is the Edo era that cultivation began.
The present Shizuoka-shi is said to be the birthplace of wasabi cultivation.
Wasabi was gifted to the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa who lived in Sunpu-jo Castle at the time.
He found it tasty, and enjoyed the fact that the leaf resembled the family coat of arms of Tokugawa.
It is informed that Ieyasu Tokugawa liked it very much.

There are two kinds wasabi.
“A swamp wasabi” to cultivate using a mountain stream and a pure spring.
“A field wasabi” to cultivate using a humid field and plastic greenhouse.
The wasabi grows only in a cool place and pure water.
Very sensitive.
It makes tree to bring up a wasabi, and it is always important that pure water makes environment springing out.
The main place of origin is Nagano and Shizuoka.
These two account for national approximately 60%!
Nagano with the Nature among mountains.
Shizuoka that a pure spring of Mount Fuji flows through.
It is environment suitable for wasabi cultivation.

The wasabi attracts attention as healthy ingredients recently.
The sterilization effect corresponding to many bacteria is included in a unique sharp taste ingredient characterizing the first of the wasabi!
Escherichia coli, Salmonella, enteritis vibrio, staphylococcus aureus, mold, yeast …
The wasabi has power to repulse much food poisoning bacteria.
Furthermore, there is the ingredient of the enzyme called “peroxidase”.
This promotes the detoxification of the alien substance which got into the body.
It is prevented a cancer and the lifestyle-related disease.
Delicious, healthy one is attractive!

A unique fragrance and “wasabi” with the hotness which fall out on a nose.
It is slightly individual, but may fit in when I eat once!
When you eat sushi and sashimi, please challenge it!

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