Plastic food samples | So amazing and lifelike!

You may have seen the lifelike food displays in glass showcases in front of Japanese restaurants.
Doesn’t it make you hungry?

It is the early day of the Showa era from last years of Taisho era that a food sample was invented.
Department stores in Tokyo put food samples with a price tag in the restaurants’ display case to cut down on congestion and enhance business efficiency.
There is the history more than 100 years !!

The food sample has a crowd-pulling effect.
The craftsman felt that it was business opportunity.
As much production companies improved their skill, the technique of the Japanese food sample improved steadily.
It is “the technique proud of to the world” of the Japanese who is skillful with the hands.

There are a lot of people coming to see it from the foreign countries recently.
There is the description about the food sample in the Japanese guidebook published by the United States.
≪A colorful food sample equals a showcase, and there is what kind of food, and a restaurant of Japan comes to know it how much a price is.Therefore I can easily order it if I call a waiter and a waitress, and oneself points at an article to want to eat.≫
I can easily order it even if you do not understand Japanese.
What kind of dish has been carried ??…Such a worry is broken off.

It is means of the advertising that the food sample makes you look delicious and calls in visitors.
It seemed to be a shock for an overseas person.
The kindness on such the shop side is an idea like the Japanese.

It is popular as a Japanese souvenir.
Strap … miniature … accessories … miscellaneous goods …
There are a lot of interesting goods.
There is the person conjugating as a person and interior to collect.

There is a shop establishing the experience-based section.
Do you not make a food sample?

The shop which the making of food sample can actually purchase…

●”Sample koubou”
An experience made with tempura is possible.
Strap … magnet … purchasability.

●”Sample FAN FAN FAN”
An experience made with real size parfait, mini-parfait is possible.
Strap … interior … free shipping.

●”Ganso Shokuhin-sample-ya”
This shop uses the wax.
Let’s experience a traditional method.
It is a method seeing by tempura … lettuce … TV and an animation well.

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