Shoji | that comfortable gentle light

“The shoji” is indispensable to a Japanese style house.
The shoji puts one piece of big Japanese paper on the frames made with a tree.
And it partitions off rooms and the outdoors and indoor.
Generally, I am used for the border of a garden and the room called the engawa.
The role such as a window and the curtain.

A shoji having been invented in the Heian era.
Glass does not yet circulate in those days.
The shoji interrupted eyes from the outside and was able to take in solar light.
This was very epoch-making.
The Japanese paper used for shoji paper has work to diffuse light while shutting out the direct rays of the sun.
Furthermore, the shoji is superior in absorbency and a ventilation function.
As there are the insulation characteristics, the air-conditioning effect is effective in raising it by using it together with a glass door.
As Japan is humid, a shoji is suitable most.

As for the present age, a curtain is mainstream.
But I am popular as functionality and design are excellent.
There is harmony with other furniture, and it is a point of popularity to be natural furniture.
In the house with the Japanese-style room, a tatami mat is spread.
And a shoji is used in substitution for a curtain.
It is stylish interior to adjust a shoji to antique Western-style furniture.

Put the shoji, and a substitute is necessary.
I see it, but am not difficult at all.
With the dustcloth which I soaked with water, I moisten the part of the frame with the paste.
Then I can easily tear it off.
And I put paper.
I paint a frame with paste and put it while lengthening paper.
If some shojis dry and are worried about a wrinkle, let’s take water by a sprayer.
Paper swells, and is beautiful; is finished.
For general cleaning year-end in many families of the shoji put it, and do a substitute.

When I want to watch a shoji, I will go to an inn and the Japanese restaurant.
Many shojis are used for facilities valuing a traditional atmosphere of Japan.
The white part to see from the appearance of the temple is a shoji.
I am used for the border of a table and the room of the Japanese food well.
I will check it at the house of the Japanese friend or a traditional sightseeing spot.

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