Sensu is great for the hot and humid Japanese summer!

It’s hot and humid during summers in Japan. The heat seems to be increasing year by year. In a 2014 survey, about 90% of foreign tourists in Japan responded that Japan is hotter than their home countries.”

Sensu (a folding fan) is indispensable to Japanese summer.
“Sensu” is a fan made by covering its bamboo ribs with paper.
It originates from “uchiwa(a round fan)” introduced from China more than 1000 years ago and Japanese people improved it into folding style.
When opened, it becomes sector and a stick when closed, so it’s very convenient to carry around.
It is also used as one of accessories for Japanese clothes.

Sensu is used not only as a carrying fan, but also used as one of props indispensable to Nihon buyou (Japanese dancing) or Rakugo (a comic monologue).
At Rakugo, the sensu is used as various props and make the story impressive.
For example, when held horizontally in one hand with the other hand posing like a dish, the sensu looks exactly like chopsticks!
Also the sensu can represent a fishing rod, a cigarette, and a katana(a sword).

There is also a game that uses a sensu. It is called “tosenkyo”.
To play the tosenkyo, throw a sensu to the target on the box made of paulownia wood and compete by the points counted according to the combination formed by the target and fallen sensu.
In the Edo period, it became very popular among the people as a simple game in Kyoto.
Now, it is well known as a Ozashiki-Asobi, in other words, a game to play with Geisha in Kyoto.
Actually if you give it a try, you will find it more difficult and profound than you expected, and become to want to try it again and again!

The “original sensu”, for which you can choose the pattern by yourself is popular with foreigners as a souvenir.
There are various kinds of it and some of them can be carved with your name. You can get them at a reasonable price if you want, and you would surely meet the one you like!

If you want to make your original sensu…

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