Gaijin Perspective: 5 Odd Customs in Japan!

It is interesting to find “odd” customs when traveling away from your home country!
For people coming to Japan, there are many customs in Japan that appears strange as well!
There are some cultural gaps that even have vistors saying, “The Japanese is crazy!”

Here are five hilarious customs that may seem odd for first-time visitors:

5.      The Japanese yell to call over a waiter
Lately many restaurants have a push button on tables to call wait staff. But at restaurants without one, it is customary to call out (loudly), “Excuse me!” to catch the attention of wait staff.
There is no tipping custom in Japan, so the wait staff is less diligent about coming by tables. It may be against etiquette in many countries to yell out in a restaurant, but it’s quite normal in Japan.

4.      The Japanese can drink liquor in public
Japan has a lot of events and customs where people can drink liquor outdoors, like ohanami, where people drink under the blossoming cherry trees in spring.
There are no rules around public drinking, a custom that may be very popular worldwide.

3.    Japanese men do not open the door for women
Men rarely open the door for women, and there’s no “Ladies first” type genteel culture as well.
In the United States, as for the taxi, a driver opens a door. But the door of the Japanese taxi is automatic!

2.     The Japanese slurp noodles and lift dishware off the table
The seeming violation of manners in Europe and America, is perfectly acceptable in Japan.
The manners at the Japanese table involve chopsticks in the right hand and a bowl in the left hand.
There are a lot of small details that could take a long time explaining!
How to hold the rice bowl… How to put it down… How to hold chopsticks… How to move chopsticks… How to change bowls.
Furthermore, sucking in noodles helps enhance the flavor and a fragrance of the broth! It is thought in this way in Japan.
From a young age, children are taught how to hold a bowl properly.
It may be difficult, but try sucking noodles if you come to Japan!

  1.     No tipping
    There is no custom to pay tips in Japan.
    What will happen if a Japanese person is tipped? The most likely outcome is that they will return the money thinking that you’ve overpaid. The Japanese feel a sense of guilt in receiving a tip, or think they need to tell their bosses of this extra income.
    Since there is no tipping custom, people also don’t work to receive a tip.

What did you think?
Did your impression of Japan change?

Japan has a lot of more interesting customs!
People who are used to living in Japan may unwittingly be doing the same things.
When you came to Japan, please discover a lot of interesting customs!

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