Survey: What shocked you the most when you visited Japan?

When you travel to the other countries, it’s easy to be surprised by the difference with your home country.
Have you been to Japan? What preconceptions do you have?

Here are some things that have surprised first-time visitors. Your impression of Japan may change after reading this!

Sometimes people wear masks to cover their face, even if they don’t have a cold!

・Women-only car
Pay extra attention not to board the women-only car on trains during the morning and afternoon commuter rush!

・School uniforms
Is it odd that middle and high schoolers hang out after school wearing the same outfit?

・Takeshi Kitano as a comedian
Most people overseas know him as a movie director.

・Iced coffee
It’s a pretty standard cafe item!

・People distributing packs of tissue at street corners
Businesses put flyers inside pocket tissues and distribute as advertisement.

・Buttons to call the wait staff
These handy buttons are located on restaurant tables to call the wait staff when ready to order.

The high quality of candy and snacks in Japan has a great global reputation.

・Service in Japan
The epitome of Japanese hospitality!

・Food samples in the supermarket
It could be a cultural element in manner-conscious Japan.

・Driving etiquette
It is very Japanese to follow all the rules.

・Convenience store
Substantial assortment of goods and reputable great service.

・100-yen shop
A great variety of items for such a cheap price!

・Women walking at night alone
Reveals how safe Japan really is!

・Multi-level parking lot
Underground parking lots are common but what Japanese ingenuity to build up!

・Safety of Valuables
Some people even leave their belongings and purses to reserve seats.

・Lack of perfume and cologne
People worry that the smell might interfere with other diners’ experience in restaurants.

・Red Light District
Sex shops that are unimaginable abroad.

・Tap water is drinkable
It varies depending on location, but the potability may still be No.1 in the world.

・Vending machine
They’re everywhere in Japan! Only possible in a country with low crime.

・Medical expenses
The Japanese medical system is globally renowned.

・Unique fashion of young women
Overflowing with colors, originality, and excessive skin exposure.

Japan’s own gambling game.

・Automatic doors on taxis
The door of the rear seat automatically opens and closes.

・The people standing in orderly lines while waiting for trains
More a sense of morals than rules

・Religious events
Though many Japanese are not raised religious, they enjoy festivals and events of various different religions.

・Trains are never late
Very accurate time management. The train companies apologize in the event of a delay!

・Restrooms are high-tech
Warm toilet seats, washlets, and talking toilets…

・Elevator girl
Very unique to Japan. The elevator girls press the floors to avoid pandemonium.

・Hot springs for feet
Hot springs facilities that can be used without undressing.

What did you think?

There are so many!

Services and customs unique to Japan – you may come across even more interesting things when you come here!

Photo by 山陰海岸ジオパーク館、culturezine、デイリーポータル、駅レンタカー

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