Hinamatsuri | a Girls’ Day Festival to Celebrate Love & Happiness

It is Hinamatsuri on March 3.
In the family having the girl, I give glory to a doll and peach blossom and eat soup and the young bird cubic rice crackers of the clam.
Hinamatsuri is an event in celebration of growth, a good match, the happiness of the girl.
It is got close as one of many traditional events of Japan.
I say Momono-sekku.
A baby calls Hinamatsuri where it is the first time Hatsu-sekku.

Hinamatsuri came from ancient China in the Heian era.
An event to wash hands and feet in ancient China on March 3, and to protect the body from a misfortune was carried out.
When it was handed down to Japan, I changed as “Nagashi-Bina” to entrust a doll with an evil, and to carry away to the river.
In the Edo era, “playing house” to be idle with a doll among children was popular.
A modern style to display a doll with an opportunity, and to celebrate this was born.

In addition, it was thought that the peach blossom had the power of the talisman against evil in ancient China.
Drink the liquor which thought of peach blossom in in China; and of the leaf of the peach take a bath.
China prayed for a perfect state of health in this way.
So I give glory to peach blossom in Japan.

And let’s put dolls in order as soon as possible if it is past March 3.
If putting in order becomes slow, it is said that it becomes slow to reach a bride by just that much!
Though I had the doll of the victim undertake an evil with much effort, I am said to be it even if I pick up the evil again when I continue displaying it forever.
I am sorry, but will clear it up carefully.

I gave glory to the luxurious Dolls’ Festival such as seven steps of decorations and five steps of decorations in old days.
There are the house circumstances, and three steps of decorations which entered the showcase of a flat step and the glass seem to be popular well recently.

In addition, there is a basic dish in Hinamatsuri as well as a doll.
In which family, are chirashi-sushi, soup, the diamond shaped rice cake of the clam, young bird hail classic?
As for this, each has a deep meaning!
The meanings are different every harmonious couple and healthy longevity, color of the young bird hail, too.

It means that the feeling that a parent thinks of a child all through the ages does not change!
Not the event that only gives glory to a doll, it will be only that it is in wonderful Hinamatsuri when I can celebrate it after having known the meaning properly.

Photo by LANGREY Camera House,伏見屋,陣屋

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